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In Tennessee, three dedicated education professionals come together, driven by their passion for improving student learning. Nashville, a city rich in diversity and culture, is home to families from over 130 countries, many of whom choose to enroll their children in public schools.

We have identified significant gaps in support for multilingual learners, including access to vital information, scaffolded instruction, and technology skills. These learners face academic challenges, such as culture shock limited vocabulary, and a need for English role models Thus, bariers can make it difficult for them to grasp academic content and English simultaneously, profoundly impacting their learning journey.

Our commitment is unwavering as we strive to bridge these communication gaps by providing enriching language experiences through the arts. By pooling our collective skills and experience we aim to create meaningful and impactful learning opportunities for children who need to master English proficiency.

We are dedicated to nurturıng and enlightening the next generation with empathy and cultural awareness.



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